Zero Harm Policy Introduced

By July 2, 2016General

 It also means building strong relationships with the community, governments, shareholders, contractors, our supply chain and growing our business in a sustainable wayCommitment to Zero Harm

Surelinc has introduced it new Zero Harm policy  – Surelinc places People before profits. Our many clients and partners know our desire to achieve Zero Harm goes beyond compliance. Zero Harm means sustaining a work environment which supports the health and safety of our people and minimises the impact our business has on the environment.

At Surelinc, achieving a Zero Harm outcome is about adopting the correct attitude. It is about a choice we ask everyone to make. We believe each of us must choose to work safely. Everyone at Surelinc is asked to participate in a Commitment to Zero Harm training session during which Surelinc empowers our people to:

Make the Choice to work safely; and create a Zero Harm Culture. Surelinc managers & supervisors make a Safety Commitment to:

Train their staff to help prevent safety incidents from occurring;

Stop work if there are any concerns about safety;

Be involved in safety investigations and ensure that similar incidents don’t happen again; Support their staff, particularly when an individual has made a difficult decision for safety reasons; and Not walk past something that appears unsafe. Surelinc team members make a Safety Commitment to:

Plan every task so any safety risk is addressed; Not conduct an activity where uncontrolled risks are present;  Not let my workmate or any other person operate in a manner that might harm themselves or others; Not conduct a task where the instructions or processes are unclear, insufficient or inappropriate; and Not walk past something that appears unsafe .