Surelinc First to Use Drones for Maintenance Inspections

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Surelinc is one of the first companies to utilize aerial remote video building inspections. Aerial flight pictography helps the property owner achieve up to date pictography and video to make fast accurate decisions and planning. Large projects and tight quarters can be flown over and photographed or filmed even over water, ponds, or lakes. Full report of the property, Gutters, roofing, skylights etc., along with hi-definition color video. We utilize DJI equipment, they are the leaders in multi rotor unmanned flight. We have the experience, know how, and several operators to scan your property, buildings, associations, and whatever else you need filmed or photographed

NSW Legislation Update

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NSW Legislation Update: Greater CDC flexibility brings more obligations….. On 22nd February 2014, legislative changes were introduced in NSW which have a significant impact on how Complying Development Consent (“CDC”) applications are considered. The changes, on the whole, provide greater flexibility to owners and occupiers in undertaking works under a CDC, but also bring additional obligations intended to promote the active management of fire safety measures within older (pre-1993) commercial and industrial assets. Owners and occupiers therefore need to be aware of these changes, but those who take a proactive approach to the management of their assets and premises need not fear the new legislation Speak with One of our Project or Construction Mangers for more information or if we can assist with any of your upcoming projects.

Zero Harm Policy Introduced

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 It also means building strong relationships with the community, governments, shareholders, contractors, our supply chain and growing our business in a sustainable wayCommitment to Zero Harm

Surelinc has introduced it new Zero Harm policy  – Surelinc places People before profits. Our many clients and partners know our desire to achieve Zero Harm goes beyond compliance. Zero Harm means sustaining a work environment which supports the health and safety of our people and minimises the impact our business has on the environment.

At Surelinc, achieving a Zero Harm outcome is about adopting the correct attitude. It is about a choice we ask everyone to make. We believe each of us must choose to work safely. Everyone at Surelinc is asked to participate in a Commitment to Zero Harm training session during which Surelinc empowers our people to:

Make the Choice to work safely; and create a Zero Harm Culture. Surelinc managers & supervisors make a Safety Commitment to:

Train their staff to help prevent safety incidents from occurring;

Stop work if there are any concerns about safety;

Be involved in safety investigations and ensure that similar incidents don’t happen again; Support their staff, particularly when an individual has made a difficult decision for safety reasons; and Not walk past something that appears unsafe. Surelinc team members make a Safety Commitment to:

Plan every task so any safety risk is addressed; Not conduct an activity where uncontrolled risks are present;  Not let my workmate or any other person operate in a manner that might harm themselves or others; Not conduct a task where the instructions or processes are unclear, insufficient or inappropriate; and Not walk past something that appears unsafe .

Good Corporate Citizen

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At Surelinc we embrace our responsibility as corporate citizens and take seriously our obligations to give back to the community in which we operate

Surelinc has involved itself in a broad cross section of support throughout the community, and will continue to do so.

  • Bosco Bulldogs JRLFC
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Learning Centres for behavioural and troubled and disadvantaged children
  • Various sponsor nights to help the community